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We all know how healthy, popular and rewarding cycling can be and the Kitsons Devon Classic Bike Ride will be all of these things and more.  Three excellent routes have been prepared, all arrangements and logistics have been taken care of and we aim to ensure that everybody has a rewarding and enjoyable time.

We intend to make the event as pleasurable and as much fun as we can, whilst at the same time giving all riders a great sense of achievement in successfully completing the Kitsons Devon Classic Bike Ride (to ensure your enjoyment and success please check out our ‘Training for the Kitsons Devon Classic Bike Ride‘ page).

Once on the road, you will be able to focus totally on the task ahead and enjoy the ride, all you need is your bike and helmet.

The Three Rides

The 100-mile ride will start at 09:00. The 60-mile ride will start at 09:30. The 25-mile ride will start at 10:00. Whichever distance you are taking on, you will need to be at the start area (Bicton College, East Budleigh Road, Budleigh Salterton, Devon, EX9 7BY) at least 45 minutes before your start time. Coffee and bacon rolls will be available from 07:30.

All routes have been well thought out by the Zeus Cycling team and promise to be brilliant rides. Each of the rides is different in mileage, but will all prove a great challenge; whether it’s for experienced riders taking on the longer courses.The 25-mile option is a good challenge for any cyclist and like the elite riders you will take on a few climbs. The routes have taken many months of planning to put together and will all have clearly marked routes and pit stops. The event takes place on open roads and it is vital that all riders comply with the Highway Code and observe road signs. Please show courtesy to other road users at all times, especially local residents.

Once under way, you’ll follow the pre-planned routes that will be clearly marked with well-displayed signs. There will also be highly experienced outsiders riding amongst you. They’ll be able to deal with any problems and will help to keep everyone on the correct route. There will also be support vehicles roaming the route as well as various members of the Zeus Cycling team – all of whom do so in order to facilitate the best possible experience for our riders.

Registration will be available on the day and the cost will be the same as the pre-registration costs It is recommended to sign up in advance.

Please check out our ‘Rules & Regs’ page for further event rules.

Pit Stops

There will be a generous amount of delicious food available at all pit stops, helping to get the fuel back in the tanks ready for the miles ahead. Food and drinks will be available at all the pit stops on each route including filled rolls, cakes, everything at our pit stops is free.
We intend to make The Devon Classic Bike ride one of the best events in the country and the Hospicare team pride themselves on their pit stops. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed! There will be a minimum of two on the 60-mile route and three on the 100-mile route. All pit stops will be well-signposted, with food, drinks, toilets, first aid kits and (where possible) bike mechanics will be on call.  For the shorter distance of 25 miles, there will not be a pit stop as refreshments will be available at the finish.

Rider Numbers

All entrants will be provided with official event numbers at registration before the event and only those riders with an official event number will be allowed into the starting area. Under no circumstances will any rider(s) be allowed to enter the ride without an official number.


We will need up to ten keen and fit volunteers for the event. It is important for all of our volunteers to want to have fun and at the same time help us make the Devon Classic Bike Rode a real winner and raise thousands of pounds for the benefiting charities.

Volunteers will have to be available for the entire day on Sunday in order to help us prepare for, and deliver, an event that promises to be filled with fun and excitement across the Devon County side.

We are looking for Drivers, Route Marshalls, First Aiders, Masseurs, Administrators, and someone who can play the bugle or trumpet!

View our Rules & Regulations

It is important for all riders to have an understanding of The Devon Classic Bike Ride Rules and Regulations to take part in the event. If you have any questions, please give us a call. You can see our rules & regs by clicking here.

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