Training Program for the Kitsons Devon Classic Bike Ride 2017

Cycling 100, 60 or even 25 miles can be a scary and an impossible thought but once you apply yourself to even a small amount of training you will be surprised how achievable it is. We’re not saying it is going to be easy, but promise that it will be a very rewarding and fun challenge.

The idea behind preparing for bike rides is to slowly increase you mileage as you get closer to the main event.  You can use the same training for the shorter rides over a shorter period.

Weeks 1 – 4

Start by performing 3 – 4hrs of cardio vascular (CV) exercise per week. This can be 3 cycle rides of 10 – 15 miles.

  • Tip: When out on the road choose an easy gear and spin your legs. (around 70rpm)
  • Tip: Take recovery days! ie: Try to train on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Rest on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

You don’t just have to cycle! RPM or Spinning classes are great for improving your cadence (leg speed) and CV fitness. Also there’s no excuse when it’s cold and wet outside!

  • Tip: Stretch before and after every training session to avoid injury. Lower body and back stretches are most important. Hold each stretch for between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

Weeks 5 – 8

Now you are starting to feel more confident on your bike, it is time to step up the training. You will need to perform 4-6 hrs of CV exercise per week.
This can be 2 rides of 10 – 15 miles and 1 ride of 25 – 30 miles.

  • Tip: Take a snack for your longer ride as you will need to keep your energy levels up. Flapjacks with protein are a great source of complex carbohydrate for recovery. my cycle club and I use them on our Saturday club rides.

Also for one of your rides you must include some hills as the Devon Classic Bike Ride has many leg-burning hill climbs.

Weeks 9 – 12

We are now only 2 months away from your challenge of a lifetime! Now you are feeling confident on your bike and enjoying cycling as it’s a great sport, it’s time to take your training to the next level.

  • Tip: Fuel your body. Very important now you are out on the road for around 3 – 4 hrs. Oats are the number one source of complex carbohydrate.

You will need to perform 6 – 10 hrs of CV exercise per week. This can be 2 rides of 15 – 20 miles and 1 ride of 35 – 45 miles.
Every other week include hills in both your longer rides.

  • Tip: If you’re feeling fatigued drop 1 or both of your shorter rides and give your body some extra recovery! Do this every other week if you need it.

1 Month to go, are you ready?

We’ve got 3 weeks left of hard training then it’s time to take to the road and complete the Devon Classic Bike Ride.

Weeks 13 – 15

You will need to perform 8 – 12 hrs of CV exercise per week. This can be 2 rides of 15 – 25 miles and 1 ride of 55 – 65 miles. Again include lots of hills, remember Devon is very hilly.

Final week

This week we recover and regain our strength for the main event. This can be 2 – 3 rides of 15 – 25 miles to spin your legs out. You MUST take it easy this week, get lots of sleep and keep the cycling light!

Good luck with your training and stay safe on the roads. Remember:

“The fitter you are the more enjoyable this experience will be”

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